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Welcome to Mike's dive site!

First off, thanks to the people at NOAA's Thunder Bay Marine Sanctuary for the use of the photo above. This is the E.B. Allen.

This web page was created to let everyone who visits, know about the great fresh water diving we have here in Alpena, Michigan, and of course through out the state of Michigan. Also to promote the Thunder Bay Marine Sanctuary and Underwater Preserve,, and the MUPC (Michigan Underwater Preserve Council).

If you have never dived, the Alpena / Presque Isle area or the Great Lakes, we have some the finest wrecks in the United States. Be it recreational or technical, this area has many well preserved wrecks. From pristine wooden schooners like the "Windiate", "Defiance", "Audubon", and the "Florida" to steel hulled vessels "Monrovia", "Nordmeer", and "Grecian" just to name a few.

Our wrecks vary in depth from 6 foot to 200+ feet, so even kayakers, and snorklers can take advantage of our wrecks. This area also has numerous karst formations, and most are waiting to be explored.

The Alpena area is steeped in maritime history, soon after the town of Alpena was founded, and the first settlers arrived in this area, lumbering became the mainstay for the town. Thunder Bay itself is situated so it makes an excellent refuge for ships, when those unexpected gales blow up on Lake Huron.

Thunder Bay area soon received the name "Shipwreck Alley" because of the numerous ships that fell victim the the areas thick fog, unexpected gales, and rocky shoals. It is estimated that there are at least 116 vessels sunk in, and around the Thunder Bay Underwater Preserve and Marine Sanctuary.

While the Great Lakes have no "treasure ships" laden with gold, silver, or jewels. The areas well preserved deeper wrecks are the treasures. Sitting upright, whole, and intact, they are a time capsule of what once was.

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