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  A little about myself:

 Hello my name is Mike, and I am a dive fanatic, and life long resident of Alpena, Michigan. With the exception of the six years that I served in the U.S.Army. I grew up in, and around the water. I spent my summers, dreaming of all the shipwrecks that were laying on the bottom of Lake Huron.   Who would of thought that although the ships themselves rarely carried gold, silver or jewels, that one day the shipwrecks themselves would be the treasure.

My parents had a cottage on Lake Huron, and about 100 yards out was part of a old schooner that had sank, her name is Maid of the Mist her depth was about 8 feet.   This was my first experience to wreck diving or more like wreck skin diving.   A neighbor, and myself would spend hours anchored next to this piece of shipwreck, snorkeling, and skin diving dreaming of finding that very elusive treasure, when in fact the Maid of the Mist only hauled Cedar logs.  

The Alpena area has many Islands and so this meant endless hours exploring looking for artifacts washed up on the shore.   Alpena, and Presque Isle area also have an abundance of sinkholes, some in, or near Lake Huron that are diveable, and others farther inland that are dry. 

My first time diving scuba was in 1986 when my father-in-law was certified, we went out in Robert's Cove around the Maid of the Mist. From that moment on I was hooked on diving, but it soon ended up on he back burner, until 2003 when I finally found the time to get certified.

As of December 2005 I have the privilege of sitting on the Thunder Bay Underwater Preserve Committee, it is part of the Michigan Underwater Preserve Council, which promotes diving through out Michigan's 13 underwater preserves, I also hold a alternate seat on the Thunder Bay Sanctuary Advisory Council.

My current certifications are:

PADI - Open & Advanced Open Water

IANTD - EAN Diver, Deep Diver, Advanced Nitrox

Future Dive classes:

DAN Oxygen Provider, Rescue Diver, IANTD Normoxic Trimix.

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